Wireless Policy Group

Land Use Permitting

Permitting Process


First, we evaluate every project for opportunities to reduce permitting costs and shorten cycle times. We have helped clients save millions of dollars in capital expenditures, and have dramatically shortened permit processing cycle times.

Pre-App Meetings

We meet with local planning staff to explain the project, to discuss alternate permitting procedures based upon the scope of the project, and most perhaps importantly to build a relationship that creates open and prompt communications with staff.

Application Preparation

So much of a project’s success is made (or lost) in the initial application. We apply our team’s planning, law, and decision-maker experiences to confirm that every application makes your best case, and preserves your rights under federal, state and local law.

Permit Expediting

When applications seem to be stalled, our team evaluates the applications, reviews the record, identifies the next steps that must be accomplished to move the applications along, and then tracks everyone’s progress through to completion.