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Public Policy Advocacy

Shorter Cycle Times and Reduced Costs

Most of today’s local land use codes were written in the 1990s, when wireless networks were monopoles with antennas, and would never change.

Times have changed.

Federal laws have changed to require timelines for permit reviews, and to require approval of certain applications.

Wireless networks have changed too. Today’s network deployments focus on modifications to existing sites and small cell networks in high density areas.

Most land use codes have not changed to keep pace, which leaves local planning staff with few options to accommodate today’s realities.

We have handled more than one hundred local land use code revisions over the past 5 years.

We have reduced cycle times by integrating the new federal timelines into the code.

We have eliminated many of the traditional filing requirements like coverage maps, landscape plans, alternate site analyses and NIER studies, which dramatically reduces application costs, vendor costs, and permit processing times.

And we find that local jurisdictions are willing to update their codes to comply with the new federal processing requirements.